Country Libs now hold all seats in Central Australia

The Country Liberals now hold all seats in Central Australia with the confirmation of the victory in Stuart by Bess Price (pictured) who defeated Karl Hampton.
The Country Liberals will now have 16 seats in the Legislative Assembly, with seven for Labor.
The independent in Nelson, Gerry Wood, comfortably held his seat with 59.2% of the two candidate preferred vote.
In the last Parliament Mr Wood held the balance of power.
Two candidate preferred results in Central Australia are as follows (CL = Country Liberals, ALP = Labor Party)
Braitling (73.4% turnout):
Adam Giles, CL, 73.8%, 2592 votes
Deborah Rock, ALP, 26.2%, 918 votes
Araluen (74.6%) turnout:
Robyn Lambley, CL 72.2%, 2612 votes
Adam Findlay, ALP, 27.8%, 1008 votes
Greatorex (76.6% turnout):
Matt Conlan, CL, 64.8%, 2278 votes
Rowan Foley, ALP, 35.2%, 1236 votes
Namatjira (59.8% turnout):
Alison Anderson, CL, 68.6%, 2006 votes
Des Rogers, ALP, 31.4%, 918 votes
Stuart (62.9% turnout):
Bess Price, CL, 53.4%, 1484 votes
Karl Hampton, ALP, 46.6%, 1297 votes

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  1. Leigh Childs
    Posted September 3, 2012 at 7:05 pm

    Congratulations to Bess … go girl. Stay strong.

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