I suppose that any discussion of The Alice’s problems invariably …

Comment on Bleak tunnel vision in new book on Alice Springs by Travis Bransgrove.

I suppose that any discussion of The Alice’s problems invariably draws in political angles, but this would seem a strange forum for it. Anyone who says that Government has not failed Central Australia and its people is a fool or a liar. And as saddening as it may be for those of us born and raised in the town, or those choosing to now make it their home to admit – the town really IS a basket case. The “snatches of hope” may be paltry in their identification throughout the book, but that would be because there is so few of them to identify. Many years of bad government in all areas – policing, health, education, housing, tourism – have culminated in a situation where levels of unease and agitation amongst both indigenous and non-indigenous residents, levels of crime and outright fear are palpably high. And there will be no quick fix to this! Personally I don’t believe Alice will EVER again be the pleasant and relatively safe town that I knew in my youth. Which is why my family, amongst the droves of others who are leaving, won’t ever be back.

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