@ Travis Bransgrove Posted September 8, 2012 at 7:25 pm Lamenting …

Comment on Bleak tunnel vision in new book on Alice Springs by David Chewings.

@ Travis Bransgrove Posted September 8, 2012 at 7:25 pm

Lamenting (in his opinion) that Alice Springs has become a basket case, he says and I quote: “Which is why my family amongst others and droves of others who are leaving, won’t ever be back.”

Social worker and left wing author but not a lesbian, Eleanor Hogan has just published quite a readable little hardback of 309 pages which explores in detail, the issue of summertime crime in Alice Springs in post NT intervention times.

In her attempts to ascertain if summertime crime is getting worse she asks John Adams, coordinator of the youth hub, for his views.

He states that it is a moveable feast whatever that really means.

We know that when a government allows kids to run amok then it is not long before kids have total control of the town. The children know the difference between right and wrong but from their point of view, especially at Xmas, the fun and excitement is too great a temptation to knock back.

John Adams says on page 293 of this little book titled Alice Springs: “Why do people expect kids living in fourth world conditions to behave perfectly?” The question is a fair enough one and deserves deeper exploration by one far more politically literate than I.

For most of us who come to live our lives in the Alice, (and NOT trying to make big money), and to have our children, leaving is not an option. When that perfect storm arrives the undreamable does become an option and then reality. May I say that love of Central Australia for most, does remain intact, if a little burned along the way.

D.R. Chewings
aka THE lone dingo

Recent Comments by David Chewings

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Well said Terri M of Arizona. The tourism commission knows how bad they are and that has been the subject of previous ASNO reports. They operate in the same myopic manner which came from another age and which was in denial of anything indigenous. The road ahead will not be easy and will require respect for all players and exceptional leadership.

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The Truss gaffe is almost as funny as the attempt by the leader in waiting and his spin ie cover up attempt on the cut his throat comment!

$60m church, town council deal may make Alice buzz
I have always been the eternal optimist, especially about our desert people and regions but I think you must partaking of the same water as the ASTC if you’re wiv me … first things first in other words!

Council wants more time to respond to water plan
This is a very grave issue for Central Australia. The situation at Mataranka involving Tina McFarlane and her family shows just how quickly things can turn. I would advise all Alice Springs people to watch this space and take note of those who know about water for example, Rod Cramer.

Water – who is advising whom on what?
This is a commendable report Erwin. David Chewings.

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