Dear Editor, in case you had not heard, Mr Mayell …

Comment on Palm Valley, Gosse Bluff to the rescue of our tourist industry? by Russell.

Dear Editor, in case you had not heard, Mr Mayell is on his way back to the NT CLP. Might help explain why no one currently wishes to converse with you on this.
The Palm Valley management committee et al may well have their work cut out in “accommodating industry”.
“Pokies in the Parks” … anyone? … Nuh, too silly …

Recent Comments by Russell

After pork barrelling and scandalous waste of money, business as usual after the election? Afraid so.
I first noticed this in the area of funding for child protection staffing many years ago. Commonwealth granted monies went to Darwin, were seemingly dissipated on “administrative costs” and the remainder (25-30%?) sent on to the Alice.
Perhaps if Commonwealth grants (for Alice Springs area purposes) were initially directed to an Alice Springs authority for acquittal, rather than being dissipated in Darwin, might be a good start. Financial efficiencies would result for the top end and the south if this issue was to be streamlined and resolved.
Likewise I’m afraid that election results will have no bearing on quality of life issues for Centralians, it’s just which stripe gets to hold the Treasury keys.
Independent forensic accountants with power for regulatory change would be required to cut through the historical empire building bulldust. It is caked on!
Thanks for starting to describe the quandary, it needs to be out in the open. All the best Prof Gerritsen regarding this debate.

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