Erwin, I understand your frustration and to an extent I …

Comment on Feeding the chooks: slim pickings from a rushed doorstop with Terry Mills, his slip of the tongue and who heads the new advisory body? by John H.

Erwin, I understand your frustration and to an extent I agree with you. But you can understand that his side of the story too. One slip of the tongue; a poor choice of words under pressure, and it is blown out of proportion. Suddenly a leader is made a fool.
Terry is a good bloke based on my dealings with him years ago in Palmerston. Perhaps send him your list of concerns and see how he responds.
[Hi John. Many thanks for your comment. We usually include the main questions in our requests for comment or information. We normally send a draft of the story ahead of publication, never as an invitation to censor but to point out any errors and omission. That is a privilege extended to their sources by very few journalists, so far as I know. A personal conversation is essential because most answers beg another question, and if that needs to be done via an exchange of emails, the process would be unreasonably extended. And it’s the old adage: Talk to the organ grinder, not the monkey. We gratefully acknowledge those Labor government minders who did a fine job.]

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