LETTER: Charles Darwin University climbs to middle range

Sir,- Charles Darwin University has markedly improved its standing in the Good Universities Guide, an annual rating system that compares Australia’s universities.
For the first time, CDU has gained three stars in the key categories of teaching quality and graduate satisfaction. This positions CDU in the middle of Australia’s 39 universities; an impressive achievement for the country’s youngest university.
The upgraded rating [can be attributed to] significant efforts made by academic staff towards improving course design, student engagement and the quality of learning resources.
Students are recognising CDU as a university of national and international standing.
Stabilising the technology behind the Learnline system, which serves as the online learning environment for CDU students, is also thought to have improved the student-led rating.
Improvements to Learnline design and stability have made an enormous difference in the quality of the student experience, which is reflected in the ratings.
A four star rating in the area of positive graduate outcomes indicated that CDU graduates were highly likely to secure well-paid, secure employment.
Five star ratings in the areas of Indigenous participation, access by equity groups, gender balance and cultural diversity are reflective of the CDU’s commitment to diversity in its student base.
As encouraging as these results are, there is clearly always room to improve.
Martin Carroll (pictured)
Academic Associate Professor
CDU Pro Vice-Chancellor

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