Im not sure I agree with you Bev, what Booth …

Comment on Selling parks again on the agenda by Jason.

Im not sure I agree with you Bev, what Booth and Melky are suggesting is both clever and pragmatic.

We have 4 small children under 6 in our family and 6 doors up from our house in Old Eastside we have a small park. It is small, poorly kept and has minimal facilities. Although it’s close we simply dont use it, we do however often take all the kids up to the park on Larapinta next to the art centre, where the kids have far more enjoyment and space. We also often use the CDU Oval to kick balls and what not.

I would certianly prefer the site near us be developed and used. It will also mean that Council will have a bigger ongoing budget for each of the better parks, while also gaining the monies from the sales.

It could be a very positive thing for the quality of our park infrastructure and council’s ability to service them.

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Crunch time in Anzac Oval standoff
Let’s be frank folks, all of this is built on the idea that Aboriginal culture still has the draw it once did when it was sleek and the world wanted to see it in the 80s and 90s.
It simply does not draw anymore, the number over the last 20 years don’t lie and the fact that barely a gallery can operate profitably in Alice when there used to be one on every street corner.
This will be one of the biggest mistakes and waste of money the NT Government will ever complete and tackles none of the real reasons people do or don’t visit the NT.

Leo Abbott quits CLP to stand against Bess Price
Well, it would seem absolutely no one cared or even paid any attention to this.
It would seem all Leo might have done is lose the last piece of support he had. What a silly man.

After years of under-achieving, tourism promoters say they are getting cracking
How can Alice become an international airport if we are unable to even provide enough effective market to support a second domestic carrier?? Seems to be putting the cart well before the horse. That kind of demand is a huge way off.

@A passionate Local Operator

I do go to every TCA/Tourism NT workshop I can, but considering that we have had only 1 in the last 12 months in Tennant Creek, it’s pretty easy to feel left out to dry.

After years of under-achieving, tourism promoters say they are getting cracking
I agree 100% Steve. The Rock visit used to be about visiting Alice and the trek to get there. That was half the excitement. The direct flights greatly dismished that. It lessened our product and the amount of time people spend in the NT. As you say, no one took a holistic view to those decisions and we pay for it now.
The appeal of the NT has always been the sparseness and frontier nature of the place. How do people feel that if they are flying over it?

After years of under-achieving, tourism promoters say they are getting cracking
As an operator with businesses in both Alice and Tennant the scariest part of this article is that these are the same vague answers we get on their six monthly visits.

We have been severely let down, and still being told everything will be ok and that their strategies are working.

Even more disturbing is the idea of the holy grail Chinese industry. It is constantly being bandied about like it’s going to suddenly open up and solve all our problems. That market will take considerable time to develop. And that is for several reasons. Most notably our lack of product in their native language. That capabilty has been built over a long period with the Europeans, that will need to occur with the chinese. True success here is a long way off.

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