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Comment on Bushfires an even bigger heartache when they are started by fools by John of Brisbane.

Back in the 80s I worked as a consultant with the Western Australian Dept Conservation and Land Management on how the Pintupi used fire pre European contact. There were many interesting findings but significantly there are more wild “hot” fires these days because people no longer burn off the bush as they once used to do when living off the land. A cool fire was handy in revealing animal tracks, encouraging the germination of certain bush tuckers and attracting certain game after the green shoots emerge following rain.
The best way to manage fire risk in Australia is to use controlled fire to reduce fuel loads. My recollection is that one of the WA researches went as far as to say Australia is the only continent on the planet that relied on fires to maintain and ecological balance.

Recent Comments by John of Brisbane

MLA Bess Price on ‘the killing of our women, abuse of our kids’
Leftist ideology fixes nothing – other than making its true believers feel good about themselves.
After all, they can stare down from their moral high ground and speak words of judgement which is particularly satisfying.
Meanwhile the slaughter continues.
Well done Bess, and keep up the rage because someone has to take pragmatic moves to deal with the problems.
And if we get the language and the posture right, the left might claim the credit.

Indigenous adults must ‘grow up’ so that Indigenous children can depend on them, says Alison Anderson
Good on you Alison. The ideology of the left sounds good to our ears but does nothing. Your pragmatic solutions are what we need Nampin. Sometimes tough love is the only way. Every blessing to you.

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