@3 We have just seen a brief story on ABC …

Comment on Coniston: survivors & descendants recall massacre in new film by Liz Davies.

@3 We have just seen a brief story on ABC News 24 reviewing the Coniston Massacre film. I missed the name of the film so googled David Batty and the word massacre. And there you were, Bev. You absolute horror. My partner is a white Australian, I am a black, non-idigenous woman. With your depth of knowledge regarding how black and white people interact, you should be able to answer this. For how many decades did whites exploit blacks, women, men and children? How many millions are owed to these people? And how is it someone like you can be breathing the same air as them? The same air as me? What excuse are you sticking to? It shames me to know that someone like you is in the world I live in.

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