People are getting fed up with the large number of …

Comment on Rehab of drunks is secondary to getting them off the streets, says A-G by William Walker.

People are getting fed up with the large number of presentations by drunks at the emergency department. Believe me or not, the drunks just laugh at everybody when the people try to help them and the drunks think it’s a big joke. Honestly this is no laughing matter because everybody who present themselves at emergency departments truly determines the true status of the hospitals. The Territory hospitals could have and should have been much further ahead of their current status. We should have been developing new treatments and helping the more genuine cases by now but the hospitals can’t because the resources are being taken up by drunks. We the general population suffer as usual.

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Convincing win for Country Liberals: ALP likely to lose its only seat in The Centre
Let’s hope the CLP introduce mandatory sentencing mainly for drunkenness. I don’t want to see hospital beds taken up by drunks, I want to see the help delivered to the right sort of people who really need help, the elderly people, people with genuine disabilities, victims of crime and children. And highly it’s about time drunkenness is criminalised.

Criminal lawyers oppose Country Liberals on mandatory sentencing
Go for it CLP! I fully support the reintroduction of mandatory prison sentencing along so with truth in sentencing.

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