The author and @1 sound like they are Kartiya / …

Comment on LETTER: Shire attacked over children’s service, responds by Resident of Ikuntji.

The author and @1 sound like they are Kartiya / Walypala that love living and working in the community with Aṉangu, and will continue to do so. They sound like they are a rusty and beaten-up Toyota, willing to do a lot of mileage. Sounds like the work in children’s service can be done without the shire, back in the old system of a community council.
The writer of @2 sounds like they are a Kartiya /Walypala that work for and love working for dysfunctional organisations like the MacDonnell Shire, enjoy earning considerable amounts of money in doing so, and has the ability to disengage from reality.

Resident of Ikuntji Also Commented

LETTER: Shire attacked over children’s service, responds
It should be noted that while Elizabeth Death applauded the efforts of the staff member of the childcare centre who has been working for 10 years, she is STILL ON MINUMUM WAGE, earns less than a quarter of what the Support and Development Officer earns, still has not done any childcare training since the establishment of the shires (requirement by NQS/ACECQA).
It should be noted that there has still been no community consultation of the changes, unless you consider the managers in the shire’s services meeting with whitefellas in the community!
While the shire has nine childcare centres across Central Australia, it should be noted that only three of them have team leaders which, as a requirement by NQS/ACECQA standards, they should have Early Years trained staff in all of these positions by 2014.
While the Support and Development Officer in question should be applauded for the time that she has spent remote, she should not be applauded for the lack of community involvement. She manages up to four childcare centres, all speaking Pintupi-Luritja, only knowing a couple of words, with one of those words being “palya” meaning good. She pronounces it with a /p/ sound, and not its recognised /b/ sound, and is mocked by community members because of it. She also has a Certificate III in Children’s Services (the aforementioned EY degree) and does not know the difference between a preschool and a playgroup.
The author told the Support and Development Officer that she is trying to do what is best for the community and the SDO replied by stating that the author is supposed to be doing what is best for the shire. This sums up the mode of thought employed from the shire which is far removed from what they are actually supposed to be doing – working for the community!

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Robocops, minder as extras for Giles’ exclusive media event
I live in a remote community a few hours from Alice Springs. Last night a woman came knocking on my door at 11:30pm with a graze made by her husband on her cheek. Her husband only just got out of jail, and was in a drunken state.
I rang the police in this community and the number says it is not connected. I rang the police in the next community and it rang once and said to call 000 for an emergency.
I called 000 and told the operator what had happened. The operator “mostly” did her job, taking all particulars, except for the mention of a different community, which I took no notice of because she had got my address down where the victim was cooling-off.

After speaking with the victim some more, she told me that her husband received a paper from the court stating that they were to live separately, and that he was to live in a community five hours drive from here.

As the police were taking a long time to get back to me, I tried other police stations, this time, ones a few hours away with large populations. All up, I tried the local one with a disconnected phone, and three more with the same message to ring 000.

After one hour and 15 minutes of cooling-off, and being bored in a whitefella’s house that could only speak a little language, she went back to go to sleep in the same part of the community her husband was in – it was her home, after all.

The police called me, one hour and 30 minutes after the initial 000 call to inform me that no-one would be able to respond tonight. As I was in a state of tiredness and the victim had gone, I forgot to mention the possible court order. One thing that the officer was confused about was that he believed it was taking place in the community mentioned by the operator and was confused of the whereabouts of the whole incident. I sent him on the right path as to its location.

In the morning, I rang the police lines again. Nothing in the three surrounding communities, so I rang the Alice Springs number to add information to my initial call. They said that they will find the initial call information and call me back … It is now 45 minutes later, and no response.

In the end, in the Territory, not only are police responses to calls pretty poor in the urban areas but they are extremely terrible in remote communities, along with their attendance. Sometimes, the phone number is even listed incorrectly on their own website.

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