I worked and lived in different Aboriginal communities along with …

Comment on LETTER: Shire attacked over children’s service, responds by Old Tjilbruke.

I worked and lived in different Aboriginal communities along with Government workers! Unfortunately I should note that I do not see the right attitude in Ms Taylor for such an environment, while she just started her career a short while ago. She should realize we are all learning and despite all the shortage we try to do our best. Non of these organization (MacDonnell Shire …) are perfect but they are trying their best, you should instead of making the situation worse, try to cooperate with your organization and be constructive. I believe indigenous people are sick of these newcomers who arrive and want to make a glory over night. I suggest that Ms Taylor is better to leave and reflect on her action. Thank you.

Old Tjilbruke Also Commented

LETTER: Shire attacked over children’s service, responds
@2, I am sorry but I think we should realized that where we are and what are we trying to establish. We are all working on the same problem, despite shortages we are doing our best, which is better than nothing or saying the system is wrong and we should give up or shut up.
I cannot see any solution or positive suggestions in this letter but complaint of an ex-employe. If there is not enough support, its our responsibility to be creative and use whatever resources we have to do our job.
I do not think Ms Taylor’s experience in the community is long enough to make such a statement! We are free to criticize but if its only constructive otherwise it is just an empty statement! We worked hard to build up trust despite all the shortages and problems. Letters such this target the whole system and disintegrate our unity.
We should realize that this “modern society” is suffering from lack of professional educators. I am sure indigenous people are able to express themselves as well as their problems.

LETTER: Shire attacked over children’s service, responds
@1 I am disappointed because its not all true. There might not be enough resources but it does not mean that she comes against the organization and blame their action. If you are really care about the community, you should put up with difficulties and try your best through your organization for the sake of the community. I have seen so many white people coming to the community and after a while they start to turn the community into their own territory. They come into the conclusion that the no longer belong their organization and they can run the community affairs on their own. Then they turn into the broken Toyota and will be replaced. If there is an issue we should raise it with system while we are still in it. This is called constructive consultation. Writing such a letter does nothing but damaging the trust that we are trying to establish. It also does not keep the childcare centre open. As a professional she could instead work with the shire in order to improve the policies as well as education. I believe this is what every professional does. Ms Taylor should realize that her action had nothing but devaluing her colleagues’ hard work.

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