@1 – I believe if you read post 8 it …

Comment on LETTER: Shire attacked over children’s service, responds by Hopeful for the future.

@1 – I believe if you read post 8 it said that “The author told the Support and Development Officer that she is trying to do what is best for the community and the SDO replied by stating that the author is supposed to be doing what is best for the shire.” You state that if an employee has “an issue we should raise it with system while we are still in it” [sic] – how is that possible with the attitude shown above when the system clearly works for itself?
I think it is very important that people who might not be aware of such problems within the communities are made aware and I think this letter has brought some of that to the attention of the general public. It seems you feel that people, both black and white, should put up and shut up, and accept their lot. Neither is acceptable in a modern society with so-called freedom of speech, and nothing will change while that continues to happen.

Hopeful for the future Also Commented

LETTER: Shire attacked over children’s service, responds
I don’t think that lying down and allowing a less than perfect situation to continue is beneficial to anyone. Is anyone listening to the Traditional Owners of the communities? Has anyone asked them what they want or need? Simply saying that “we are doing our best” is not good enough. If people who live in and work in the communities can see that things need to be changed, and that Government bodies aren’t meeting their responsibilities, then it is imperative that this is both addressed and brought to the attention of everybody. Education is the future for all communities, white and black, and is something that should be given the very highest priority.
Having people who actually care in these jobs and are prepared to stand up for what they believe, instead of people who just want a job with a high salary and a nice easy life, is the only way things will change. No-one should have to “co-operate with their organisation” if they believe there is racism or injustice. If that was the case, nothing would ever change. Bottom line – ask the communities (in their own language) what they need, because at the moment it appears they are only being talked at.

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