This system is WRONG. It is WRONG for the money …

Comment on LETTER: Shire attacked over children’s service, responds by Justice for all.

This system is WRONG. It is WRONG for the money to be spent in Alice Springs on bureaucracy when it should be spent in the communities delivering services. It is RACIST and goes against the basic principles of human rights. Training should be provided to staff, resources should be provided. Complaints should be made and people should be made aware. The power needs to be with the people and not with the organisations. As the author has mentioned, THEY are supposed to be delivering services for the people.
You mentioned that this letter “targets the whole system” and “disintegrates our unity”. This top down system does not work. It needs to be completely destroyed and rebuilt from a community level. These organisations … cannot be changed. They have the money, the power and are FAILING to deliver what they promise. They need to be destroyed.
I have seen many great people working for these organisations, who are dropped as soon as they raise any objection or “try to change the system”. By carrying on “doing your job” you are encouraging, allowing and enabling that racist behaviour.
And as for the comment that Indigenous people should “express themselves” and “their problems,” which outlet do you suggest for this? The Internet service using the computers the Shire fail to maintain, the media who continue to ignore them or another extremely effective method?

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Erwin Chlanda, Editor