And all the planning would be done for there family …

Comment on LETTER: Traditional owners step up by mick.

And all the planning would be done for there family … and not to benefit the community as a whole. You just have to look at Indigenous Communities in Queensland to see this. Education is the key for them to rebuild there culture

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Anderson says she is not in conflict with Chief Minister on bilingual schooling
As a teacher in a remote community, I can say that early learning with their native tongues is good, however the biggest problem is the children not attending school. Taking the blame off the parents is the wrong thing to do. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that their children go to school to get and education. If this doesn’t happen the circle just keeps turning. The children who come to school everyday are at the same standards as anywhere else in the country, the only problem is; there are not many of them. NT Government needs to take a stronger approach on truancy.
In Ipswich and Logan a few years ago, Centrelink trialled a payment system where the amount of your benefit was directly linked to the amount your children attended school. For example, a child went everyday of the fortnight they got 100% of the benefit, if they went 4 of the 10 days, they got 40% ect. The truancy rate fell to virtually zero. But it was never brought in throughout Australia for two reasons, teachers complained it was “too hard” for them to report roles to Centrelink every day. It wasn’t. I know because I worked at one of the schools. And two of the “do gooders” stated that it was racist. It was not racist or discriminatory in any way. It was for every colour, creed or religion that attended school and it worked!

Hardware giant Bunnings set to start construction of Alice store
As small staff as possible? Daniel, where do you get your facts from? Having worked at Bunning part-time while going through Uni interstate, I can tell you they do not employ as small amount of staff as possible. And I can bet you them will be some of the happiest workers in Alice Springs with how Bunnings treats its employees. Before you comment you should have some knowledge about Bunnings.

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