Daniel, I have worked in Bunnings for almost nine years. …

Comment on Hardware giant Bunnings set to start construction of Alice store by Jess Marie.

Daniel, I have worked in Bunnings for almost nine years. And I have just helped set up the Armadale store in WA. We employed just over 130 team members. All team members are given all the training they need to do their job with confidence. Bunnings is a fun, friendly, loyal and supportive employer who gives there team members the chance and support to grow with in the company, and that is shown but the great customer service we provide every day. The local Hardware stores will have nothing to worry about if they continue serving and providing their customers with what they need. I will be putting my interest in for the Alice Springs store. I think this is a big and bold venture for Bunnings.
Bring On The Big Green Box In Alice 🙂

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