If local stores are offering exceptional services then they have …

Comment on Hardware giant Bunnings set to start construction of Alice store by Paul.

If local stores are offering exceptional services then they have nothing to fear from Bunnings?

Recent Comments by Paul

Lambley broadside: Giles arrogant, dishonest
It’s a real shame that you have squandered the opportunity to represent the people of Alice in a constructive manner, Robyn. I must admit I voted for you in the last election with hope in my heart that you would do great things for this town.
All I have seen and heard from you since that time has saddened me, because you seem to have been hell bent on disruption and the destruction of your own party.
Could you please explain to me what is it that is making you so bitter? Perhaps it’s time to chill out for a while and think of the reason you entered politics in the first place.

Building height vs economy debate in secret, so far
Re John. So long as the buildings have landscaping and adequate car parking I see no problem with 8 storeys. As for an iconic town, could you please point out the so called iconic buildings? Where?

Telstra service horrendous, says Alice farm area resident
I have NBN satellite. Changed to it thinking it would solve my internet problems. It’s worse than my original 3G network!

Sitzlers win Kilgariff subdivision contract
I hope that figure of 20 years is a misquote – 80 blocks! Maybe he is referring to the whole subdivision?

75 dwellings jammed into old bowls club
Why not build muti-story and have plenty of space for parking and people?

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