When a concrete tool joiner worth $30 anywhere else in …

Comment on Hardware giant Bunnings set to start construction of Alice store by Neville.

When a concrete tool joiner worth $30 anywhere else in the country costs $145 at Alice Springs Home Hardware you know it is time for some competition. The saying in town that it is due to freight is a load of crap. You can’t tell me that it costs $115 to send something that weighs about 300 grams. Same thing with a trowel machine I wanted to buy, in Alice $5500, I bought the same machine delivered from Bundaberg QLD (from a shop, not on the net) for $3200 and I had it in 4 days. I ordered timber pegs from home hardware and 5 months later they arrived.
If Bunnings can bring these local stores into line then they are a Godsend.
The Alice Springs News Online invited B & S Home Timber & Hardware to reply. Manager Brenton Joy sent the following:
Erwin, In response to Neville??? Neville could be Nigel or whoever and may work for Bunnings, who knows.
Some facts: Concrete jointing tools range from $14 to $75 depending on size and quality. We do not have one in the range of $145.
We have just sold a concrete finishing machine (troweling machine) for $2100.00 including freight landed here in Alice Springs.
I do not believe the story about timber pegs, my staff do not recall a sale like that, and they have very good memories.
Freight does play a big part in the retail price of goods, compared to hardware stores in most capital cities they will get all their stock free into store where as we pay over $40,000 per month in freight.

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