LETTER: Looking for an old mate

Sir – I’m writing from Durban South Africa. My name is Danny (Daniel) Blignaut.  I’m looking for an old friend whom I last saw late 1968/69 in Durban.

His name is Bob Schwerdt. He sailed with me and we were both marine engineers on a ship called the M/V Voorspeler,  for Unicorn Shipping lines.

He met a young lady in South Africa, married, and when he left told me he was going back to Alice Springs to settle down.
We lost contact here (before all the mobile phone technology and other media) and I often wondered what happened to him, whether he is still alive and if he is still in Alice Springs .
My son, his wife and two children live in Hope Island on the Gold Coast in  Australia.

Hopefully if Bob is still around it would be nice to look him up. In fact any information would be much appreciated. Have a beautiful day.
D. J. Blignaut blignauts22@telkomsa.net

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