We have an office in China. Done the rounds of wholesalers …

Comment on Centre on the outer in visitor trade with China, but commission head says Tourism NT ‘will make every effort’ to fix problem by John Sanby.

We have an office in China.
Done the rounds of wholesalers for little cost.
Great reception but cost of airfares to Alice, also they like local tour guides in various destination.
Steve is right. Concentrate on clubs 4WD, photographic, camping, painting, college, schools.
Just google.
Of course charter flights into Darwin / Alice.

Recent Comments by John Sanby

Krafty’s call to arms to revitalise tourism industry
Love craftiest enthusiasm but the world tourism has changed!
We tried the Asian market but gave up.
We are in KOS, Greece, near the airport. Planes coming in ever 10 minutes packed with tourist. So the tourists are there but how to get them to Central Australia?

Low demand for Tiger flights sapped viability
Just bad business, guys, it is so simple put your prices up. Pax will pay $150 upwards.
I have been on tiger eight times always 70% full if not more.

Tiger flights chop out of the blue
I am with a bunch of English guys who claim the Brolga man is a big hit in UK, just ignored by government.

Industry ‘perplexed’ at Tiger pull-out
Something is very wrong? Get government to cancel Tiger’s Brisbane to Darwin and at least get one plane going from say Sydney to Alice.
I have been on tiger eight times and always 70% full if not more.
It is so simple just put the price up!
Bye bye to the young Asian market.
Looking forward to QF prices.
Feel sorry for the young Rock run guys.

“Scoop” leaves town
We tried! But we lost 90% of our group market that did come to Alice.

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