Such problems before existed for the Russian people who want …

Comment on Centre on the outer in visitor trade with China, but commission head says Tourism NT ‘will make every effort’ to fix problem by LoraY.

Such problems before existed for the Russian people who want individual traveler program to other countries in the world. Especially 80-90-2000 years. But even group travel took place under the scrutiny of secret observers. But who would not return to Russia he found a way to stay. And in the case of China, in Russia, they come to study and work, many of them live in the underground illegal status condition for many years, and as far as I know that to get a visa to Russia individually become easier for China. Experience has shown the fact that if the Chinese people have a good story to return to China after obtaining a visa to other countries … but came back, the other states with great confidence opened a visa for people who have a good story. Perhaps this is the only way at this time for many Chinese people who plan to travel to Australia for private tour, make a good story of the visit to other countries, where it is easier to obtain a permit. Then get individual tourism to Australia will be easier.
But still the problem of individual tourism for Chinese people will continue to exist for years to come, while the well-being of people living in the country will allow not to worry about the future, when people will not try to look for a better life in their country.

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