I was at a meeting at Ampilatwatja post-election addressed by …

Comment on Anderson says she is not in conflict with Chief Minister on bilingual schooling by Padraic.

I was at a meeting at Ampilatwatja post-election addressed by Terry Mills and all the newly elected bush politicians.
Terry Mills made a very strong point about his support for bilingual education programs in NT schools and giving communities more control over schools. He said:
“These are your children, they are not the education department’s children.”
Larissa Lee said, quite passionately, that the CLP would reinstate bilingual education programs that had been dismantled by the former Labor government and talked about the right of Aboriginal people to have education in their own languages.
Former bilingual programs went far beyond simply using language for the very early years of schooling – what Mills now says he means by bilingual.
Say what you like for or against bilingual education, but what Anderson has said here and subsequently is not what was being discussed at that community meeting, and not the basis on which many CLP candidates were elected – i.e. directly contesting the changes to bilingual education that started in 2008.

Recent Comments by Padraic

An open LETTER to young Paddy Gibson, Sydney academic and saviour of blackfellas.
No one has made fun of my name since I was 12 years old. Thanks for the wander down memory lane.
I do not “egregiously insult” you or your wife “often”. There was the infamous twitter incident some time ago now for which Larissa has apologised.
We will continue to disagree stridently on a range of issues but please do not misrepresent my approach to this debate.

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