What a great speech. Good on you Alison. I have …

Comment on Anderson says she is not in conflict with Chief Minister on bilingual schooling by Leigh Childs.

What a great speech. Good on you Alison.
I have always been a little bemused by the argument that teaching Aboriginal children in Language is a good thing and that said children can’t cope with English. Does this mean that all the packets and goods available in community shops are written in Language. Does this mean that all TV shows that come into community homes are dubbed into Language and when they come into town they only see advertising signs and road signs etc, written in their own language. Of course not, what they see, just like the rest of us, is lots and lots of English.
Don’t get me wrong I believe that producing children’s books in Language is immensely helpful and if nothing else must give a large measure of pride; a positive thing.
But I believe that Culture is learned at home at your “mother’s knee” and has nothing to do with government. If my mother wanted me to learn to read and write Dutch or how to cook Dutch or wear wooden shoes, isn’t it up to us [our family, our Dutch community], with my own parents as teachers??
And isn’t it up to me how I express that culture and how much I will pass on to my children?
Again nothing to do with governments.
And lastly, all children MUST got to school … it is the law and there should be consequences for the parents. Just like in the wider community.

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