Guides clean up world record


The Alice Springs Girl Guides yesterday took part in a nation wide bid to break the Guinness Books of Records count of most cars washed washed in an eight-hour period.
It looks like the record of 4344 cars was broken – it’s not official yet – with a national tally of about 6000 cars.
In Alice, one of the 100 communities taking part in the challenge organised by the automotive parts supplier Repco, 37 guides washed 68 cars.
Repco donated the fee of $5 per car to the guides.
The Alice Springs Girl Guides was started in 1935 and today has 100 members aged five to 17. – Video and story by Erwin Chlanda.


UPDATE October 30:

At 5.00 pm on Saturday, the 27th of October, REPCO broke the World Record for Most Cars Washed, according to a spokesman from Repco. The validation process with Guinness should be complete within a week before the result becomes official.
More than 5,000 cars were washed across multiple Repco locations in Australia and New Zealand.

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