Your article’s comments are exactly on the money. We are …

Comment on Is Fred our most faithful visitor? by Chris.

Your article’s comments are exactly on the money. We are far too expensive for the average traveller. Our recovery is to be found in the affordability region. Diesel at Ayers Rock Resort is 2.33/L currently and has been for some time.

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Palm Valley, Gosse Bluff to the rescue of our tourist industry?
Soooo much has been forgotten about the original values that tourism was built on, Palm Valley is but one chapter. Like many of the forgotten icons and values they are as relevant today as the were then to today’s experience seeking tourist. Today’s visitor to Palm Valley is still stunned and mesmerized by the colours and formations as they were 30 years ago, the only difference is 99% of the visitors to Central Australia don’t even know they missed it.

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