Wakey, wakey Rex Neindorf! Bob Durnan is hardly off topic …

Comment on Whatever happened to the Port Augusta model? by David Chewings.

Wakey, wakey Rex Neindorf! Bob Durnan is hardly off topic here … in fact Bob’s response was restrained and balanced. Open your eyes to a few of the little changes which have undeniably occurred with the changing of the guard.
One of these is the number of empty glass bottles being left around Alice Springs. This was bound to happen as the Country Libs made it easier to buy an alcoholic beverage and it was bound to become more obvious as summer rolls on. Fair to say that the unimaginative and traditional crackdown by the authorities on errant behaviour will again, not work.
I have picked up many thousands of bottles around the Alice. Many have laughed at my efforts but it was my passion and understandably, an unbroken bottle is one of my favorite things.
The BDR policy and what Labor tried to do has much to do with those under the age of 18. I believe it was about, in the long run, creating a better town along with far greater awareness of positive and negative effects of enjoying alcohol.
As you know Rex, some u18 are involved in some pretty heinous crimes, not just the odd bottle being smashed on the black top as a form of summertime entertainment or out of frustration.
It is hardly alarmist for me to say that in a bad summer the kids really do run the town and Christmas 2010 was the last time that happened.
I have just had a wonderful two weeks in the Centre and know in a visceral sense, how the town feels as things warm up a bit.
This article, “Whatever happened to the Pt. Augusta model?” by Kieran Finnane, could be seen as timely warning to those like Steve Brown to not let the town down as Labor did a few short years ago.
Cheerio Rex, from do-gooder. Dave Chewings aka THE lone dingo.

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Whatever happened to the Port Augusta model?
Whatever happened to the Port Augusta model Steve?
@ Steve Brown Posted November 5 2012 @ 8:55pm.
Already I find that you are making up excuses Steve on this matter which is plainly contradictory to your obsession with “laura norder” issues which made up a large part of your successful and populist ASTC campaign earlier this year.
You have gone soft and I think it fair to ask why this is so? i.e. what has changed since 2/5/12 when in response to an article by Kieran Finnane titled “Council debate happening in closed meetings” you said of this very topic: “Our next step is to put this concept together with every bit of information we can glean from the Port Augusta experience … We are well aware that it is ABSOLUTELY urgent?” (My emphasis)
In your latest spray you carry on about how busy you must be. The major change has been the election of the Country Liberals. I have already stated that a good Liberal government would be good for the Alice.
You Steve Brown are not matching your previous rhetoric and are letting the Country Libs off very lightly so far and that is a real concern.
Do gooder David Chewings aka THE lone dingo.

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This is a commendable report Erwin. David Chewings.

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