Seems like the easiest solution is to build a flood …

Comment on LETTER: Removing sand from the Todd makes no sense as a flood mitigation measure by Peter Driscoll.

Seems like the easiest solution is to build a flood mitigation levy north of the town, to only be closed in pending flood emergencies for a short period of time to slow water flow through the town. I hope with a new government we can revisit this with the Feds.

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TIO sale: Hip pocket vote may loom
It takes a lot to get me to comment on an article, but I will on this one. Alice has been snubbed and with Alice we have a preventable disaster pending with no flood protection! Come on CLP how about something for Alice? You face political disaster if Alice floods you realise?

75 dwellings jammed into old bowls club
I think development in the Gap area is excellent. People can walk to town and the age of the quarter acre block is long gone. It also helps the area reenergise itself as a new Glebe area of Alice Springs. Let the buying public choose if they want to move from Cycad Crescent!

Anderson: confusion in the bush on school staffing
And on a major snub for the Bush voters who elected the current government, I understand Japanese is being trialed in Bush schools and Indigenious Language Dept of Education staff will be cut.
What a snub to the Aboriginal people of the NT. Speak up if you value Indigenious Language and Culture in your schools! Does the NT Government now have a Department of Education, or a Department of Eradication?

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