The Liberals were in power for over two decades of …

Comment on Country Liberals: Resolve takes the place of frustration by Greens.

The Liberals were in power for over two decades of self-government in the Territory and its as if over those years everything was fine with Indigenous affairs in Alice! Now they are so concerned that they wanna raise some issues with Jenny Macklin. Liberals and Labor, both are hopeless in Indigenous affairs.

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Gallery: A great step backwards
Great news. Build the gallery. NOW!

What the Rock handback bash wasn’t told
People should go to “third-world” countries and spend a week there to really understand what it means, before comparing some of the communities here.
I would say it is an insult to all the third-world communities because even the big towns in those countries lack the facilities that exist in the remote communities of the NT.
In fact, most regional towns in other parts of Australia don’t have similar infrastructure and medical facilities like our remote communities despite having twice or five times the population and being three hours drive from the capital city. There are a number of towns in the wheatbelt region of WA that are more than two hours drive from Perth and they don’t have a single clinic!

Residential land needs to get cheaper, much cheaper
“The secondary effect of high rents is that the working population cut back on visiting clubs, restaurants and cinemas” – golden words! And they talk about DEVELOPING THE NORTH… PLEASE COME AND VOICE YOUR OPINION PEOPLE during the Developing the North Regional Summit in Alice Springs on Friday, August 29th, 5 to 7 pm, Grand Ballroom, DoubleTree by Hilton, 82 Barrett Drive, Alice Springs.

Residential land needs to get cheaper, much cheaper
“Good business … often weighed down even further by poor quality staff who are fully aware that they cannot easily be replaced” – SPOT ON!!
Tell me about it … if you ask those lazy, fit-for-nothing idiots making easy money to raise their work performance, you get accused of bullying!?

Laid bare: what Desert Knowledge is doing, and what it is not
DKA had an Open Day in August and what our “investigative journalist” was doing on that day? Did not he attend to find answers to his questions? May be he was busy doing his laundry 🙂

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