I am in the industry and I don’t agree with …

Comment on COMMENT: Does Tourism Central Australia still have a pulse? by Mark.

I am in the industry and I don’t agree with Anon at all, we see Jeff Huyben at every single tourism event we go to. He is always walking around and chatting to everyone. You have to remember the whole tourism industry is pretty much non existent during the Nov-March period most accom providers wouldn’t be able to afford to stay open if it wasn’t for peak season rates.

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It’s not that accommodation providers do this to make extra money it’s so they can survive during the slow period. Most providers would not be able to afford to stay open during oct-april if they didn’t make extra money during these periods. you just have to look at how empty all the caravan parks are through out Alice during oct-apr sometimes they are lucky to have 1 or 2 check-ins a day.

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