If TCA get a BUDGET AIRLINE into Alice Springs they …

Comment on COMMENT: Does Tourism Central Australia still have a pulse? by Jeff Hausler.

If TCA get a BUDGET AIRLINE into Alice Springs they will save Central Australian tourism.

Recent Comments by Jeff Hausler

New booze law: Nanny state, needs testing, it’s just great.
Cashless benefit card. No grog, no smokes. Food and medicine only. Saves the government billions.

Locally produced hemp could replace plastic
Elect clowns and expect a circus. Great ideas but no action. Alice Springs will die a slow death.

Lambley: Another government backflip?
No money, no honey. Goodbye Alice Springs.

Policing is still just a numbers game
Kids throw stones. Where are the parents?

Hall of Fame has to pay for manager the government appointed
It’s a circus, and the clowns are in government.

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