I can’t understand why they think selling grog is ok …

Comment on Aboriginal peak organisations warn governments against allowing more grog on remote communities by Jo.

I can’t understand why they think selling grog is ok to do in Alice Springs but not in their own communities. I suppose it keeps all the drunks in town and away from their land. I’d like to see them go back to their own land, and let them decide when and who to sell alcohol to. It would certainly improve the look of Alice Springs in no time, and leave the Police to work for our community in keeping us safe instead of spending 85% of their time picking up drunks.

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For the record …
As a local for 32 years, I have watched the changes to the Mall with sadness. After discussions with friends, we learnt that most of us will only traverse the Mall once or twice a year, unlike the “old days” when it was almost a daily event – catching up with friends and having a cuppa, popping into Woolies for a few items.
Now I couldn’t tell you which shops even exist in the Mall. Yes,it needs a facelift, but the concrete and glass, along with the riffraff loitering everywhere, doesn’t make it an appealing event. Ho Hum. Let’s see what happens next.

Alice’s Vinnies closing
Let them close! As a mother of two, on my own and doing it hard a number of years ago, I was actually told that I shouldn’t shop there as I had a job, and it was for needy people only. Not only did this man embarrass me to the core in front of other people, he actually opened the door for me and my two small children. I’ve hated the place ever since, as it’s a constant reminder. Tear the place down and get rid of these so called Good People who run the place.

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