I tried to lodge a complaint as a rate payer …

Comment on Giant shed to enhance heritage-listed railway cottage? by Cheryl North.

I tried to lodge a complaint as a rate payer and long time resident but when I had completed it and pressed the submit button – I discovered I was “not authorised”

I cannot believe that any common sense is being shown in this proposal

Is this the view we want for people visiting and travelling through Alice Springs. A bloody great shed..? Keep sheds out of the Central Business District.

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Alice based NGO Waltja tops national award
Excellent decision to give the award to Waltja (and the Marruk Project). Thanks to all the Waltja Staff and the directors for many years of great work.

TIO sale must be stopped: Opposition
At the moment most Territorians are seeing a procession of ads for Queensland where they are leasing government assets out but NOT selling.
The NT asset should remain with Territorians. You can only sell them once but you can lease or not for a lifetime.
Selling at this time seems a sad indictment on the abilities and imaginations of our government. There are options.

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