I and many others I have had the discussion with …

Comment on Giant shed to enhance heritage-listed railway cottage? by Anne Matthews.

I and many others I have had the discussion with fail to see the issue as “Rate Payers”. I believe the proposed structure to be ascetically pleasing, when you drive down the highway there is nothing but dilapidated and quite frankly ugly dated buildings.

To “Cheryl North”: Anyway you travel into Alice Springs there is a shed / industrial area, these areas provide the town with jobs and growth. I couldn’t have put it better; a bloody great shed! You can’t tell me that you don’t see worse sights around town; everyone talks about “rare and valuable remnant of our town’s history”. How can you comment like this and not ask the property owner of heritage house – #16 Railway Terrace to clean their frankly disgusting yard up?

All the buildings on the opposite side of the highway are … tilt ups; SHEDS!

I fail to see how the building does not fall into its zoning law; when lining the highway is a giant red roster and a golden M.

When you decide to do something positive for the community and give back to the town with jobs and money through a project, I hope you are not met with such horrible community spirit.

Clearly the owner has taken into account the property’s heritage with preserving the current structure with plants blocking the majority of the proposed building. I can’t begin to imagine the cost in the planning, permits and approvals.

I would say there rates are a great deal more than mine and most!

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