An important uplifting article. We need more such articles that …

Comment on ‘What do you want to do with your life?’ by Kon Kalos.

An important uplifting article. We need more such articles that inform the public, and critique the delivery of foundational courses at Batchelor. For many people courses such as ‘Digilinks’ could be the beginning of a whole new perspective on life as in the case of Lena Campbell. Angela Harrison and her team are to be applauded.

Recent Comments by Kon Kalos

“Shout it, Indigenous, Australian, dancing, creative!”
This is a credit to the school and its teachers but most importantly for the young indigenous students of Centralian College and Alice Springs. They represent the leaders that need to emerge with a vision that brings cultural healing and direction to Alice and beyond – two ways meeting as ‘one generation’ with a new human narrative.

The Great Alcohol Debate: Police protective custodies headed south over the last six years
Although I am new to Alice Springs and the Northern Territory, the impulsive expiation of the “Banned Drinkers Register” by NT Attorney-General John Elferink and the new ruling government, without due deliberation, is a cause for great social concern. Its role in supporting the prevention of alcohol related human dysfunction within NT communities since its inception seems to have been expediently morphed by an incoming government that has cast a shadow over its rhetoric on human rights. Kieran Finnane’s article offers important reflective perspectives that need to be disseminated as part of a broader community debate. Thank you for the well documented insights and the spirit you have injected into this debate.

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