@ Lone Dingo & Stephan Hattrell While reflecting on the comments …

Comment on Brown’s “blow-in Enviro-Nazi” blast draws formal complaint by Hal Duell.

@ Lone Dingo & Stephan Hattrell
While reflecting on the comments the two of you have contributed to this article, I feel another point has to be made.
English is a living, dynamic language. It grows. It is not owned, but belongs to all of us. Words once known only in a specific historical context can change over years, and through use, to become something more than what they originally were. Such is the case with the word in contention here.
In an historical context, Nazi refers to a political movement from the mid-twentieth century. That was the topic of the debate you, Lone Dingo, referred to from a Council meeting last March. That debate ripped through Council chambers on the night it happened to the extent that a time-out was called for tempers to cool.
But in the current debate, nazi refers in a particularly emotive fashion to strong bullying, to amounting to what is also known as stand-over tactics. The odious politics of Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s have nothing to do with it.
Object if you like to Cr Brown’s emotive language, but it is a misdirection to try to equate his use of the word enviro-nazi to Hitler’s political party.
Time to move on. Our common language is continually doing just that.

Hal Duell Also Commented

Brown’s “blow-in Enviro-Nazi” blast draws formal complaint
I’m still not sure just how important regional biodiversity and the surrounding natural environment as we now know it is. The genie seems to be well and truly out of the bottle as regards imported plant, animal and human inhabitants here in central Australia.
And given that if climate change is anywhere near as real as we are led to believe, the chances are we will experience a growth in all three categories, probably sooner rather than later.
Why limit the choice of trees for amenity planting to those that have a pedigree from here? Might that not be severely and unnecessarily limiting? I know that an imported Brazilian Pepper Tree is home to many species of birds and lizards in my back yard, as well as housing most of my hanging baskets while throwing afternoon shade on my outdoor living area. All wins and no losses.
Everything is in flux all over the world, a state of affairs that is only to be expected when the globe is home to seven billion souls whose driving engine is turbo-capitalism. And the consequences of that is what we have to deal with.

Brown’s “blow-in Enviro-Nazi” blast draws formal complaint
The native versus imported plant debate is an interesting one.
Since moving onto my current block 18 years ago, I have enjoyed planting a variety of trees and vines while whacking most of the grasses. Mulga is local, as is a white gum, but a prolific lemon tree and an equally prolific mulberry come from somewhere else in the world.
Once I had to physically restrain a young environmentalist, a dear friend, who was adamant that my fence-covering vines had to go.
And yet over the years one particular acacia (I think it’s an acacia) has colonised both my front and back yards. Birds drop the seeds, it grows under and around everything else, and it’s tough as. One robust plant was (is) throwing a bit too much shade onto my lemon, so I ring-barked it. The last I checked, it was still laughing.
I lack the horticultural skills to know whether this plant is a local native or an imported native, but it likes it here and seems determined to stay. A bit like the dove. A bit like all us whitefellas.
Things change. Deal with it.

Brown’s “blow-in Enviro-Nazi” blast draws formal complaint
@ Lone Dingo
Upper case, and Nazi refers to a German member of Alolf Hitler’s political party.
Lower case, and nazi is a derogatory term for a person who is fanatically dedicated to, or seeks to control, some activity or practice.
In my comment last March I used the upper case, a point easily checked. I stand by that comment.
One point I find interesting in this debate is that no one bothered to object when I used the same term – enviro-nazi – in a satirical reply to a comment posted on this website by Cr Brown’s wife, Janet Brown, only a couple of weeks ago.
But did I use the upper or the lower case? I forget, but if it was the upper then I was wrong to do so, and I apologise.

Recent Comments by Hal Duell

The militarised centre of Australia
In a recent article in Foreign Affairs asks: Is Taiwan the next Hong Kong?
China Tests the limits of impunity.
By Michael Green and Evan Medeiros.
July 8, 2020
We read: “When Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to invade Ukraine and annex Crimea in 2014 …”
With advice like that I fear that we remain locked into someone else’s war mentality, and any chance we have of kicking the warmongers out of Oz is just not there.

NT to become just one Federal seat of Parliament
And waiting in the wings is Joel Bowden, currently holding down the NT seat of Johnston for the ALP.

Massive military spending: Election distraction?
Hong Kong is now an integral part of the Peoples Republic of China. No more will foreign interference be tolerated.
Japan has cancelled participation in the US’s Aegis Ashore Missile Defense System.
The South China Sea is open for all commercial traffic, but it is controlled by China.
The “containment” of China is simply not happening.
Instead of acknowledging this new geopolitical reality, we persist with doomed and demented projects like Five Eyes and the Angle-Zionist Empire of Chaos.
The US likes Australia. They get to tell us what to do.
And Chansey Paech seems to have a lot of excuses for not knowing anything.

Council resignations and surprising alliances
This is a very slippery slope we are taking. I am not saying we shouldn’t take it as Willshire was by all accounts, including his own, a predatory racist and a murderer.
But, and it’s a big but, once the iconoclasts get some wind in their sails, what comes next. The book burners are already out in force.
Mark Twain’s US classic novel Tom Sawyer is under attack because in it he has one character named Nigger Jim. Admittedly this is unacceptable in today’s world, but a century and a half ago it was fully acceptable.
I wonder if they, the iconoclasts, will turn their attention to the Old Testament.
As for Stuart’s statue, get over it. He was a very important historical figure here in the Centre, and he was not a bad man. If there is a desire to address a perceived color bias in that park, nominate a countryman to accompany him. I am sure Council will fall all over themselves to comply.

Pine Gap and Five Eyes: what did they know about COVID-19?
Charlie, Did you see the Donald on tonight’s news? If I’m not mistaken he’s suggesting people inject ultraviolet light (is that possible?) and/or a cleaning fluid.
Clearly the man is as mad as a meat axe, but he does have the world hanging on and repeating his every word.
And you say you are not amused? Chill! At least Putin is (for now?) off the hook.
China did it.
And just to clarify, I did say conspiracy theories are, or can be, amusing. That’s because they are.
I also think the flim flam man is a hoot and good fun. That’s because he is.
I did not say the death of 50,000 is amusing or fun, and it’s a cheap ad hominum misdirection from you to insinuate I did.

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