@1 Speaking out is not the issue here. It’s about …

Comment on LETTER: A town council media policy is wrong on every count by Jen Standish-White.

@1 Speaking out is not the issue here. It’s about how one says it, whether written or verbal, and the relevant codes of conduct one has undertaken, or are obliged to uphold.

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The millions and the misery
Has anyone asked the young people of Alice Springs what they would like? Is a one size fits all venue where they would choose to go? I personally like to choose where I go for my after hours recreational activities … are our young any different? Let’s ask them.

Memo Club for 24/7 youth centre?
There are existing youth service providers that have over many years provided excellent after hours diversionary and other recreational facilities for the young people of our community.
Successive NT governments have funded and defunded depending on their political whim and priorities.
The infrastructure and experience is there. The funding as always is insufficient or lacking.
The young people in our community are being set up to fail and while I applaud Steve Brown for his commitment to offering a possible solution, another venue, when there are already a number of viable alternatives, if funded adequately, is merely another political stunt at the detriment of our young people and our community.

Editor injured in hit and run
Sending prayers and all best wishes for a full recovery Erwin. Thinking of both you and Kieran. What a callous and cowardly deed – I do hope that the perpetrator will be caught and dealt with accordingly. Be strong as I know you will be. We all look forward to a whisky on your return! Jen

Council candidate has a focus on young people
Curious to know what role Matty had in establishing the Alice Springs Youth Hub?

Wearable warriors
Thank you Kieran and Erwin for your, as ever , insightful, supportive and inspiring coverage of this year’s Central Ten Wearable Art Awards which once again has defined the creative character of our arts and design community here in Alice Springs.

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