I cannot see how a simple media policy would prevent …

Comment on LETTER: A town council media policy is wrong on every count by Stefan Hattrell.

I cannot see how a simple media policy would prevent councillors from expressing their true thoughts, opinions and views, Murray!

What such a policy is intended for is to prevent councillors from using inappropriate language (such as “nazi”) to promote their views.

If a policy were introduced that genuinely did curtail your freedom of speech then you would have every right to take such a matter to the high court. And I am sure that it wouldn’t stand up against the precedents set by prior high court cases which have upheld the implied freedom of speech written into our constitution.

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Brown’s “blow-in Enviro-Nazi” blast draws formal complaint
Surely Brown can express his opinions and personal views (and those of the constituents he claims to represent) without resorting to such loaded language.

The term “nazi” may have taken on some new meanings since WW2 but it still has very strong connotations related to that time.

It is unfair and unhelpful language to use in any context, let alone the arena of local politics.

Communities small and large depend upon people working together to achieve common outcomes and often this means compromise.

Using this kind of language will only serve to divide the community when we need to be creating dialogue.

Cr Brown may also care to inquire with relevant scientific organisations in the NT before making sweeping claims about the state of our water basin.

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