How can Steven Hall or for that matter anyone except …

Comment on LETTER: John Bell – my fight with Robert de Castella by Grant Fry.

How can Steven Hall or for that matter anyone except De Castella be anywhere near 100% sure of what De Castella has said.
It seems that many people will choose to believe a high profile sportsperson based on their sporting achievements alone.
Disappointing that De Castella has not bothered to answer your e-mail.

Recent Comments by Grant Fry

John Bell still seeking a ‘sorry’ from de Castella
I accompanied John Bell to the hearing at the AAT, Mr de Castella contested the release of the audit report, he was supported by two lawyers and two assistants.
John won and was given access to the audit report of which I have a copy.
Although the report raises many serious questions especially regarding the dollars which should be all answered in Mr de Castella’s reply to the auditors. (Requested by the auditors to be submitted by 31st October 2012.)
The auditors report states that Mr Bell was actually an employee of Googoil Films. Strange that Mr de Castella has always insisted that John was a volunteer, even as late as March 2015 while giving evidence AAT hearing. I am sure that Mr Bell was not aware that he was working for Goodoil.
The question I would like to have an answer to is: Why wouldn’t Mr de Castella (or his lawyers) have mentioned this at the first hearing in the action with Mr Bell?
This could have saved a lot of time and money.

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