Just listened to BBC doco by James Fletcher on alcohol …

Comment on Police presence cuts turnover of pub by 40% by Flourine Lock.

Just listened to BBC doco by James Fletcher on alcohol in Alice Springs.

It included an interview with Diane Loechel.
She started trying to present herself as being on the moral high-ground about the terminology “animal bar” by saying “anyone who uses that terminology is removed from having any humanity – it just beggars belief.”
Now whom was she describing?!
Then she makes it clear she has no idea how much her 2L wine costs per unit.
She says it’s near $1.20. The interviewers’ 10 minutes of research buying one shows it’s near 80c/unit.
Di said she makes every effort to comply with the floor price.
What would have been interesting for the interviewer to ask Di would be: “If it can be shown you are selling an item significantly below the floor price, would you increase its price to match the floor price.” She’d foam at the mouth 🙂
It’s clear from such an over-the-top description of police presence as “soul destroying” that she cares as much about the welfare of the Aborigines as people who use the terminology “animal bar” even if she doesn’t use it herself.
Can she not live comfortably if profits drop 40%?
She has the dubious honour of continuing the several 100 year old tradition of plying Aborigines with alcohol with only one motive – profit.
How does she sleep at night?

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