This means that almost half of the liquor sales at …

Comment on Police presence cuts turnover of pub by 40% by Tony.

This means that almost half of the liquor sales at this outlet and most likely the others also would normally end up with people who simply cannot drink alcohol responsibly. Many will pull out the racism card but if you take a drive through one of the town camps or past a restricted premises you’ll be able to the results of the excess alcohol for yourself … this without even getting out of the car or looking up police and hospital stats. The Licencees can cry foul and talk of conducting business within the law all they like. How about exercising a moral conscience instead. It’s a real concern and a sad indictment upon this community that things have gotten to a stage where police have had to resort to this kind of action.
PS: Has anyone noticed how it all turns to crap in town on the days the police are absent from the outlets?

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