The kids in the town camps are safer and getting …

Comment on Police presence cuts turnover of pub by 40% by Mark Lockyer.

The kids in the town camps are safer and getting a good night’s sleep, now that the police are outside the drive-through bottle shops and supermarkets.

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An open LETTER to young Paddy Gibson, Sydney academic and saviour of blackfellas.
If the government where to mismanage the town camps as Tangentyere has there would be an outcry from the hurman rights groups from out of Australia. We tried to warn both the Alice Springs town council and Tangentyere council about the feral dogs in the camps. We were told they where a part of Aboriginal culture.

Keep your nose out of our business, candidate tells Amnesty International
Applause. Thank you, Bass and Dave price for bringing it out in to the open. We need to start dealing with the problems.

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