At present the only hope of finding a job for …

Comment on Sentenced to a job and a future – Elferink’s visionary initiative by Dan.

At present the only hope of finding a job for many men on town camps is to commit a crime, go to jail and be assigned to a work crew. They get paid at about $35/week I think, but all their accommodation, food etc is covered. Or go on CDEP for an extra $0.66/hour above the dole, while their mates laugh at them for standing around in the hot sun and cleaning up their neighbors’ yard. Some people I know are so desperate for work they would probably consider Elferink’s option. Before he proceeds he should state clearly what sort of crimes you need to commit to qualify for various employment opportunities. Will petty crime lead to low paid menial work, more serious crimes perhaps lead to better paid work. If I wanted to get a job say as an expert consultant on indigenous culture and affairs, what do I need. Murder perhaps, assault, or would drunk in a public place be sufficient?

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Warren, there’s a clear ongoing demand for gas extraction from whom? For what?
Australia is the largest exporter of gas in the world so we clearly don’t have a shortage.
Who’s demanding we endanger our future? Why are you supporting this dangerous industry.

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Not the kind of person we want representing us in Canberra.

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A vote for Labor is a vote for fracking, climate change and poisoned water.
Same unfortunately with CLP. Not a lot of choice in the NT.

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So a vote for Snowdon is a vote for fracking, a vote to endanger our water supply and a vote for global warming.
A vote for the CLP is the same thing but they will never change. Labor might if they lose votes and don’t pick up the preferences.
They will definitely be chasing those votes / preferences next time.
Tell Wazza he won’t get my vote or preferences unless he ànd his party change their line on fracking.

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