I moved to Alice two years ago and I have …

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I moved to Alice two years ago and I have seen the living standards steadily declining. The CLP government is presiding over an acceleration of this decline.
The issues of “crime” and “anti-social” behaviour can be traced back to the disempowerment of indigenous peoples going back over a century. The intervention and other legislations have enhanced this disempowerment. State interference and heavy handed policing is steady eating away at the dignity of the world’s oldest culture.
I have lived all over the world and never been in such a racist town. The media and politicians only talk about the crime problem not about the social inequality. No one is talking about this and no one wants to face up to it. There is good reason why in the rest of the world Australia is seen as the new South Africa, why the UN has repeatedly lambasted Australia for its abuses of human rights and breaches of the declaration of indigenous rights.
Why is it so hard for us to wake up to this truth! We the white media fed population of Alice Springs are the dominant culture doing everything we can do maintain our dominance and it is regressive historical delusion.
I have NEVER in this town seen a police officer having a friendly walk around town, chatting to locals or getting to know people, introducing themselves. ALl the police in this town sit in their expensive pursuit cars intimidating the population with their lack of social skills, the only time I see them wandering in public is when they are in line at the cafe waiting for their coffee.
Talking to the aboriginal youth in this town, the way they see things is that they are second class citizens and are expected to be “anti-social”. The tough on crime and extra police simply ups the stakes in their risky game. Risk taking teenagers with little or no hope in their damaged psyche will defy their parents and the cat and mouse chase with more police is a hard game to stay away from when your crime record is a badge of honor. How painful it must be for the parents to be treated with such racist disdain and lose the respect and control of their children?
This new government has taken away service for youth and is doing NOTHING for crime prevention, instead informing us with well dated policies of tough on crime failures that have NEVER worked and especially will not work here, again. What a waste of money and Alice Springs will bear the brunt of this over the coming years. Do some research and look around the world and see how removing punitive crime punishments and replacing with social programs is what reduces crime.
And oh yeah, we have to pay this huge cost for electricity with no plan for sustainability. With more sun and access to technology like nowhere in the world, the govt and its supporters are damning us to another generation of backward thinking and high prices for energy … and not a solar panel funded … ridiculous, and all they want to do is pay the money back to the banks while ignoring investment in the greatest resource of all, people. What a shame.

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One of the most important things about working effectively in the bush is the networks, linkages and policies across multiple agencies. Interesting that Minister Lambley claims that she “doesn’t get” what peak bodies are about, and is threatening to take funding away from the council of social services. As well her govt is claiming that the shires have “too many staff” on remote communities, in which I can only imagine she is referring to community services, which includes childrens services and after schoolcare. If she doesn’t understand the value in a peak body like NTCOSS developing policies and creating networks and organising forums for collaboration of servies, she shouldn’t be in the job.

To me, it smells of typical Liberal politics of silencing the informed voices who might raise well informed issues and policies so that the party can dictate its own political agenda across the policy spectrum. Here we go again…

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