I am writing to thank Alice Springs News for highlighting …

Comment on Urgent talks with NT government as organisation cannot pay its bills by Bryan Hains.

I am writing to thank Alice Springs News for highlighting the issue of unpaid invoices owing to Alice Springs Youth Accommodation and Support Service (ASYASS).
I would like to inform your newspaper and your readers that this issue has now been resolved in the positive for our organisation. Thank you for showing interest in this issue.
Also I would like to comment on Bob’s letter below and say well written Bob. It is a common misconception that Alice Springs has an oversupply of services to young people. ASYASS at times deal with some of the most disadvantaged young people in our community and although some may be involved with other agencies, most are not.
We are quite often the only youth agency actively involved with these young people at the time. As a result of clients using our service we may then refer them to a more specialised agency such as a mental health or health service and stay involved until specific issues may be dealt with.
This is called cooperation amongst agencies and should not be seen as duplication.
Bryan Hains
Manager, ASYASS

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