I agree with Bryan and Bob in discussion of the …

Comment on Urgent talks with NT government as organisation cannot pay its bills by Jo Green.

I agree with Bryan and Bob in discussion of the specialisation of youth services in Alice Springs, and heretofore increasingly co-ordinated co-operation of services providing positive results for some of the most disadvantaged and at risk youth in Alice Springs, many of whom known to the Office of Children and Families, many of whom are even in their “too hard basket”.
These are the young people the CLP Government has failed in the recent budget cuts announced in December.
These are the young people serviced by organisations like ASYASS, providing pathways to housing options for all youth at-risk, organisations like Congress After Hours Youth Service in providing a central Drop In Service, Recreation Programme and Youth Patrol, organisations like Tangentyere in providing structured youth activities for children and younger teens living in Town Camps.
Janet talks of the need to, “stop dawdling and start[ing] real positive action for our youth” – which makes me question how well she knows the service sector in Alice Springs, and whether she was involved in the provision of the school holiday programme this summer which consistently attained numbers of over 100 young people in their activities – and consistently transported those young people home and off the streets once the activities were finished.
I also question whether Janet has worked on the streets at night and witnessed for herself the fine balance of co-operation that is needed between YSOS, the statutory government out-reach service operating out of the Youth Hub, and the Congress After Hours Service, which, due to its status as a voluntary service, and due to the relaxed atmosphere at the Drop In Centre, is able to engage with some of the most difficult to reach teenagers in a way that a statutory service does not, and cannot.
I agree that the time has come to, “get it right” when it comes to the young people of Alice Springs, but no government will, “get it right” when operating in isolation of on the ground professionals who have worked long and hard with their clientele, or when operating in isolation of established, researched and evidence-based reports.

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