A carton per day of Bundaberg Rum and Coke is …

Comment on LETTER: How will they enforce the footy booze limits? by Robinoz.

A carton per day of Bundaberg Rum and Coke is a lot of grog. I wonder whether these grog restrictions are anything more than a politically correct attempt to appear as though something constructive is being done.
Unfortunately, there don’t appear to be any workable solutions that don’t breach the Racial Discrimination Act.
A personal grog licence, as issued in the United Arab Emirates could do the trick.
Their Police Department issued them annually with a consumption limit and at each purchase of take-away, the consumption figure was decremented. When the limit was reached, purchase or sale of booze was illegal and had stiff penalties for both seller and buyer. (These were infrequently policed).
In Alice Springs we could set the limit personally or it could be a court mandated limit for habitual offenders whose offences were related to alcohol. This did not relate to over the counter sales and tourists would need to produce proof of residence.
Maybe something like this is worth a try, but obviously has a huge administrative overhead.

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