While we are shadow boxing, both the federal and the …

Comment on LETTER: Macklin’s government berates NT over liquor policies, but funded the purchase of three booze shops, says Tollner by seduxen.

While we are shadow boxing, both the federal and the state government make a fortune on alcohol, nation wide and in the Territory. The taxes on alcohol and the GST as well (just like with the fuel!) – how can they claim honest and good faith negotiation while only in Alice Springs with the population of 25,000 (est.) 92 liquor license exist with 72 restaurants, pubs, clubs and coffees? Don’t you think there is a problem?

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LETTER: Native Title Act amendments should be withdrawn, says mining industry
So, our politicians happy to protect the resources found on native lands from Australians, but unconditionally bowing down to the international money masters. It only shows who runs the show. And if you still didn’t get it: We, the Australian Public including Indigenous People, no we are not the one …

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