Janet, I said avert your eyes … as a service …

Comment on Reasons for a health pact in the NT by Leigh Childs.

Janet, I said avert your eyes … as a service to you. I know you get upset at other people having a different opinion than your good self. And you have been known to go off on irrelevant tangents.
My contribution was directed at the other people who might, just might be interested to hear what is happening in other parts of the world and how relevant it is to us.
I really do not need to hear about your domestic habits, it is not relevant to this issue.

Leigh Childs Also Commented

Reasons for a health pact in the NT
Thank you Russell for another thoughtful article.
Janet, avert your eyes now as I will be referring to a published article concerning public health, put forward by 220,000 Doctors in Britain. They recommend, in fact demand, lots of restrictions.
Russell you may be interested in an article published in the latest Guardian Weekly [22-28 Feb, page 15]
British Doctors, yes 220,000, are calling on the government to implement a number of recommendations to tackle obesity which they say is the biggest crisis facing the NHS [National Health Scheme]. They recognise that big business is controlling the country’s food agenda.
This is an abbreviated version of their recommendations.
1. A 20% tax on fast food. Trialled for a year [estimated tax yield for one year, one billon Pounds!]
2. Councils to limit fast food outlets near schools.
3. NHS to instigate weight management programs.
4. Hospitals to implement nutritional standards for patients and staff and abolish fast food vending machines.
5. Health visitors to advise parents on good healthy food.
6. All schools to have healthy canteens [tuckshops].
7. Ban fast food advertising on TV until after 9pm.

This is a discussion Australia needs to have too. Unethical advertising, aimed at children needs to be reined in.
In an interview with a marketing executive from Coca-cola Amatil, it was stated that they were aiming at doubling their sales in the next 10 years. As they are already the market leaders, by a huge margin, this means that we will be subjected to some very heavy advertising in the years to come. Have you noticed that there is adverting now with Coke bottles on the dinner tables. Coke is taking the NT government to court over the container deposit scheme, an indication of how powerful these companies have become.
Governments should be protecting us from the rampant excesses of big business but both [all] sides … can’t.

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