Janet Brown you need to go out to Utopia and …

Comment on Macklin opens door to grog in Aboriginal communities, brings in ‘assessors’ to check pubs in Alice by Michael Liddle.

Janet Brown you need to go out to Utopia and see the people and services or lack of services being delivered before you start writing.
This particular area has never been serviced by both parties for years, it is pretty neglected. There are people out there, yes Janet, human beings would you believe, who vote and have a right to services just like everyone in the Territory.
To help solve a problem, people must have a bit of understanding how the problem came about.
What is clear, is that some people (JB) can’t assist in solving the problem as it is clear that some (JB) do not have an understanding of how the problem came about.

Recent Comments by Michael Liddle

Jurrah pleads guilty to assault, gets six months
This man could have been such a leader and role model for all young people. Just the fact that once upon a time he had the whole of the Australian Rules Football world amazed at his talents.
Rubbed shoulders with the best and took the plight of Aboriginal people in Central Australia to the city about home and family never witnessed in the circles in which he traveled.
But family didn’t appreciate that and influenced him to “ride with them!,” encouraged him to “ride with them!” and supported him to “ride with them!”
What a waste of time and opportunity.

Liddle resigns as chairman of Lhere Artepe
Hey Kemarre, you haven’t pinched my Kryptonite have you? It’s missing. It’s not good for people with mental issues.

Liddle resigns as chairman of Lhere Artepe
Come on Kemarre, rip your mask off and reveal who you are (bet ya can’t)! I look forward to the challenge Kemarre, face to face not through a reading where you cowardly have potshots to reveal your frustration caused by your lack of ability to properly explain your baseless gossiping opinions.

Two week boot camp not enough to solve youth problems
Would have been a really good picture if Steve wasn’t in it!

LETTER: Macklin’s government berates NT over liquor policies, but funded the purchase of three booze shops, says Tollner
There are a lot of assumptions about who owns the IGAs in Alice Springs. The IGA supermarkets are owned by the Lhere Atepe Enterprise. This is and was set up as a business / financial arm for the Native Title Holders of Lhere Atepe Aboriginal Corporation (LAAC).
How LAAC got involved with owning supermarkets and the approval of getting involved was one person’s idea. No consultations with NTH, just a CEO doing what he wanted and getting a couple of signatures to cover the purchase.
The IGAs and the Mt Johns subdivisions are owned by Lhere Atepe Enterprise. LAAC have not participated in ay decisions to purchase these business ideas, nor do we receive and will not receive any financial benefits.
It is about time the chair of LAE made comment on this worsening situation about what has happened. The real situation here is that Alice Springs has an alcohol problem and Aboriginal people are contributing to the lack of real investment and forward development of the town. Selling grog from three IGAs is just a part of the of the BIG problem.
[ED – Mr Liddle is the chairman of LAAC.]

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