Utopia, the horror story. The story begins with the purchase …

Comment on Macklin opens door to grog in Aboriginal communities, brings in ‘assessors’ to check pubs in Alice by Janet Brown.

Utopia, the horror story. The story begins with the purchase of the cattle station for an Aboriginal group which failed to continue on the work on one of the NT’s best cattle stations. For lifestyle and income.
They then moved family groups in all directions and the government paid for housing, schools, power, water, sewage.
How many millions or billions has been spent in this one area? An area full of welfare recipients. On land that is not government land.
Not Crown land. So why is taxpayers’ money being squandered yet again?
Let all the outstations move back to the central hub there. Where services are. If people chose to live on an outstation why is that at the tax payer’s cost?
Taxpayers have paid for whimsical decisions of walkabout. It has to stop.
Michael, read up the true story and beginning of Utopia. And in reply to human beings. Unlike the government that wants to keep Aboriginals as some museum piece and promoted segregation and apartheid in Australia. I want to see equality.
Land councils not to own everything and have governance over royalty monies.
I want traditional owners to own outright lands in their names. Communities where people own their house.
Where jobs are real and not CDEP. Where people work and live with futures and goals. Where hopelessness is replaced by independence.
Where people can make their own decisions about their communities. Self worth comes from self respect. Sounds like a utopian dream.
A reminder of reality. Dictatorships keep people in the dirt savaging for existence. Or in isolated places.
True democracy allows growth by private sector to encourage growth.
The Territory has been under a dictatorship. For a very long time.
And that dictatorship comes from the same place as all dictatorships those at the top of government departments. Not elected members.
We just vote in too many weak links. That do not allow the strong to stand up and take control.
If the country is to overthrow the dictatorship we need strong people putting themselves in the next election.
To take back control of our country. And yes Michael. That includes us all. No forms of segregation has ever had my support.
I am always fighting against it and always will.

Janet Brown Also Commented

Macklin opens door to grog in Aboriginal communities, brings in ‘assessors’ to check pubs in Alice
Ian you jump into every story with this obsession of the IGA stores. What is wrong I am right on the target with my comments and that is why you bring this IGA thing with you as you have nothing else to say. Fine but it is okay I don’t have a glass jaw and like everyone else I do make mistakes and I will graciously except a slap on the wrist for being a little cheeky. Ouch!!

Macklin opens door to grog in Aboriginal communities, brings in ‘assessors’ to check pubs in Alice
Oops! Guilty of using slang again or so my husband says. By dictatorship I mean non democratic decision making by an academic paternalistic bunch of bureaucrats who make their living off continuing aboriginal misery, the welfare dollar, and who actively work at creating and continuing segregation with that outcome in mind.
There, Steve will be happy with me (and to add I know personally some amazing people in top government positions and they work very hard). But in the social areas there needs to be a clean up and clearing out. Of those who actively work against a democratic outcome.

Macklin opens door to grog in Aboriginal communities, brings in ‘assessors’ to check pubs in Alice
I’m sorry Bob, the CLP has been elected into government and what they found is PAWA debt of excess of $5 billion dollars for a population of 210,000 people. A public service that ballooned the cost to Territorians with pay packets to 100’s over $150,000.00 plus perks. A socialist government that did not even budget for the 800+ FACS workers it employed on top of those already in the job and still could not fix the problems. If you do your maths of the 210K people in the territory 1/3 employed in private enterprise 1/3 in public service and the other 1/3 children and unemployed and retired. Not an exact figure but close enough to display to everyone that there was something rotten in the Labor Party.
And you are a big part of that party. So tell us all BOB your desire to assist the entire territory and promote us as an opportunity to the rest of Australia as an economic hub. Tony sees the opportunities. We need to pay off the debt from your mob and we cannot do it the way we currently stand in population. We need to open doors to economic funding to assist us in our way out of this mess. And if that means sharing the money in all areas then that is what it means. This is after all the Territory. And if the land is theirs do what station owners have to pay. Pay for it themselves.

Recent Comments by Janet Brown

Planning another plan
We need planning to be the role of the town council, not the NT government from Darwin.
How can we plan for our future development when there is no plan.
A town plan from the early 80s is lost.
Until we have a town plan on development any master plan is a joke. And to my knowledge the master plan does not include development areas for our growth.

Senator Scullion will not contest Federal election
Identity politics. It has to end. Politicians need to be representing the people. The Territory.
So far I have seen none of this from those putting up their hands.
They are only talking at election time. Voters are confused on their rights. As a voter we have the right to demand elected members who will work for a better Territory. Not a better Darwin over the rest of the Territory.
Our Federal ministers have the role to work for the entire country. As minsters elected by states and territories into a Federal seat they should be ensuring the best of Federal funding for their electorate. They are elected to represent Australians. Yet they are managed by government departments.
The departments have signed agreements to allow overseas businesses to avoid taxes. The departments who have allowed foreign governments to own Australian land. The tax office which negotiated agreements with overseas companies to avoid paying taxes that everyday Australians have to pay.
Check out the person wanting your vote.

Make Oz Day a celebration of the future, not the past
Appeasement is not the answer. Appeasement is the catalyst for further division.
January 26 is the date chosen to celebrate our place in the world.
People from around the world choose our country to call home. Because we are amazing. Australians are proud of our home. The division based on race is not Australian. That is apartheid. We need to stop this vile hatred of Australia now.
Australia Day is not up for destruction by an angry and racist group.

Custodians decline meeting with council on gallery
I for one do not see this town and its progress as being at the whim of aboriginal people over the residents of Alice Springs. This type of division has its claws strongly embedded in segregation and apartheid mentality. The future of our town should be decided by all residents. I am so fed up with people using the race card to gain control. This should not be about who has the biggest stick, it should be about the majority seeking growth and prosperity for Alice Springs. Not personal agendas and petty jealousy.

GST billions yet we’re still the basket case
Jack, I do not have to walk a mile in anyone’s shoes.
It is clearly obvious that bandaid government mentality is all wrong.
What happened to outcomes and audits. Never happened. Throw more money at is the battle cry.
Regards of the fact that billions of dollars has only exacerbate the problem.
Money for nothing comes to mind.
Yet for governments to get that money some of us work hard to pay taxes, fees, levies and so forth. Our borrowings are through the roof. Time for outcome audited funding checks.

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